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London Notary Public Services – Five Top Tips

The services provided by a Notary Services are often misunderstood. Consequently this article provides five top tips to ensure that the notarial services are both understood and provide value for money.

Tip 1 – Obtain a fee quote in advance. For most notarial matters the London Notaries should be able to tell you the fees in advance of the meeting. If the Notary cannot give you an exact quote, the London Notaries should be able to provide an accurate estimate.

Tip 2 – Shop around. As the fees charged by London notaries is not fixed you can speak to different practices to compare prices. Expect to pay somewhere between £60 – £120 for any document notarized by a London Notary Public. Also check whether the Notaries practice charges VAT, as not all do.

Tip 3 – Send the Notary practice all of the documentation in advance of the meeting. To avoid any surprises or delays ensure that you fax or email all documentation to your London Notary in advance of the meeting. This will allow the meeting with your London Notary to run smoothly and also any further requirements or costs should be communicated by the London Notary Public in advance of the meeting.

Tip 4 – Ensure you bring the correct ID documents. A London Notary Public will require sight of your current and up to date passport and also a bank statement or utility bill which is less than 3 months old and confirms your UK address. Please remember that they will not be able to accept mobile phone bills as proof of address.

Tip 5 – Don’t be afraid to ask your Notary questions. Any professional and approachable practice should make themselves available to answer any questions and provide any further information in advance of your meeting. Therefore if you have any questions either phone or email these in advance of your meeting.

London enjoys a higher concentration of notaries than any other city in the UK and therefore customers should use this to get the best deal. For further information and to find a London Notary Public refer to The Notaries Society website.

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