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Stroll the Sandy Beach of Playa Del Ingles

The sandy beach of Playa del Ingles is a favorite with the millions of tourists who come to Grand Canaria for vacation every year. One of the reasons is that it is a long and wide beach, that makes for an easy entrance into the ocean. Also, with all that wide-open sand there is plenty of place for everyone to throw out their sun chairs or beach towels. Even with all the tourists that flock here, with all that space there is room for everyone.

On any given day at the Playa del Ingles beach, you can sit in your chair or lay on your towel, and watch people walk up and down the beach all day long. It’s kind of like a freeway for foot traffic, or an ant trail. You can visit to know more about nude beaches in the usa and enjoy your party over there. All that space is an open invitation to take a stroll in the surf.

So what will you find when you stroll down the beach? I guess it depends on which direction you’re heading. From Playa del Ingles towards Maspalomas, you will find El Charco, which is a small nature preserve between Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas. This is the remains of a small sea pond, with one end open to the ocean and the other end filled with reeds, where waterfowl tend to nest. That is why it is a protected area, for the protection of the birds that nest there. It is not allowed to enter there, but from the beach side is a great viewing area to watch the birds.

If you stroll a little bit further, you will reach the dunes of Maspalomas. It is rather like seeing a small Sahara desert, right down to the camel caravan that you may catch a glimpse of crossing it. When you see the dunes, it will help to remind you that you are closer to Africa than you are to Spain, even though the Canary Islands belong to Spain.

Also in among the dunes is a favorite hangout for nude sunbathers, as is a lot of the beach between Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas. The beach tends to get sectioned off, with like-minded people hanging together. So, down near Playa del Ingles, you will find a more family-friendly beach, suitable for bringing small children to. As you stroll a little further down the beach, you will come to the section of the beach where you will find some topless sunbathers. Stroll a little further, and you will find the nude beach, although not all people on this section of the beach are nude, it is a section where the nude sunbathers tend to hang out. And beyond the nude sunbathers, is the gay section of the beach. Again, lots of people intermingle in all areas of the beach, these are just generalities. I find it amusing that people naturally section themselves off on the beaches like this. There are no signs on the beach to say family-friendly beach, topless section, nude or gay area. I guess it’s true that like-minded people tend to hang out together.

If you were to stroll even further down the beach you would eventually come to El Faro de Maspalomas, which is the highest lighthouse in the Canary Islands, at 65 meters. This lighthouse marks the southernmost point of the land, and there are restaurants and stores spread out beneath it.

As you stroll along the sandy beach of Playa del Ingles, there are plenty of places where you can rent a chair, grab a quick snack, or something cold to drink. The beach is loud and busy, and for some this is just the way they like it. It is said about the this beach that you either love it or hate it. But if you like crowds, lots of people, and plenty of activities this may be the beach for you.

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