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When Is the Right Time for Sex in a New Relationship?

The start of a new relationship is exciting and exhilarating – you are growing closer and finding out new things about each other all the time.

The subject of sex will most likely be going round in the heads of both partners and you will both be thinking “When is the right time for sex?”

As much as you may feel that you know your partner pretty well after the first few dates and there seems to some chemistry there, it is too soon for sex. You need to allow yourselves much more time to get to know each other properly before you share your bodies intimately, it is important that you feel completely relaxed in each others company before you move on to the next stage of a relationship.

More often than not, it is usually the man who wants sex in a new relationships ( I know that is not always true), it can be difficult for a woman to know whether he is genuinely interested in a long-term relationship or just wants sex. If he brings up the subject of sex after a couple of dates, then that is a good warning sign that is just what he is after and maybe isn’t genuinely wanting a meaningful relationship.

If he goes on lots of dates with you without mentioning sex, then that’s a good indicator that he is interested in you as a person and hoping to develop a long, lasting relationship.

There is no particular right time to have sex in a new relationship, but it is important that you both feel ready. Sex is an expression of love and how you feel about each other, so you should really be ready to express your feelings in this way before committing. If you feel that your partner is rushing you before you are ready, then you really need to consider whether you think the relationship is worth continuing with or not. Anyone worth staying with will be happy to wait until you are both ready.

Don’t allow yourself to be pressurised into having sex before you are ready, stay true to your morals and feelings – only you know how you feel and whether you are happy to get more intimate. Make sure you know about their past sexual history before you take things too far, discuss contraception and make sure you are truly sure that you want to do it.

It is important that you get to know each other properly so that you are comfortable and relaxed in each others company in all ways before embarking on a sexual relationship. If you get the timing wrong, then it will most likely be a disappointing experience and may well be the beginning of the end of what could have become a beautiful relationship. If you get the timing right – then wow! You will both be expressing your true love for each other and will hopefully cement your relationship into a lasting, happy partnership.

I have 20 years in the dating industry having set up and run my own dating agency in my local area. I am now concentrating on writing and am committed to helping women achieve success in the dating game. I have written a number of eBooks which you can view on my website including my latest one “The Lost Art of Offline Dating. How to Find Love with a Real Man in the Real World.”

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